Saturday, August 3, 2013


After more than a year of waiting (for you AND me)
the sequel to "The Wishing Garden" is now available.

"The Garden Path" is the completion of this story, so you don't have to wait any longer to have it all tied up nicely . . . and you can finally find out whodunnit!

Also, due to circumstances beyond anyone's control, Dina has been way too busy with real life to be able to do much here on the blog, and I'm still working out my health issues. So . . . if something really important happens, you will find it here, but we can't promise much action at this site for a while.

If you want to be sure to not miss any important news or updates (any book releases, etc.) go to my website and you can sign up for email updates. It only takes a minute, and I will always send out an email to that database when there is anything newsworthy.
I hope all is well with all of you, and that you enjoy the book!


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