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While many of Anita Stansfield's books are part of sets and series, each book is written to stand on its own. If you are unable to find a particular title, you can move on to the next book, or read any book out of order and not be disoriented.  Try if you are looking for current or out of print copies. All books are now available in e-book format.

Byrnehouse-Davies & Hamilton Saga
The Gable Faces East
Gables Against the Sky
The Three Gifts of Christmas
First Love and Forever*
First Love, Second Chances*
Now and Forever*
By Love and Grace*
Home For Christmas*

Shadows of Brierley
Towers of Brierley
(published previously to stand alone;
now the prequel to this series)
Volume I, The Wanderer*
Volume II, A Far Horizon*
Volume III, A Distant Shore*
Volume IV, In the Valley of the Mountains*

*LDS Titles


Anonymous said...

I have every book you have written. I have read them many times. Cannot say which is my favorite. They all are. Your are my favorite author. Thank you for your talent.

Joy Gines said...

I have wanted to "thank you" for a long time in providing me hours of reading enjoyment from your books. I have them all and find different insights each time I read them. My kids know what to get Mom for Mother's Day, Birthdays, & Christmas - the new Anita Stansfield book. My favorites are the Gables books and the Tower of Brierly.

Anonymous said...

I love the Jayson Wolfe Series. You have to start with those. Although All of Anita's stories are wonderful---I have yet to read one I didn't love---and I have read almost all of them---Jayson Wolfe is my personal favorite--at least at the moment. (I felt like I had written those books---(perhaps someday I might be a writer)) Jayson Wolfe is modern, exciting, and takes wonderful twists and turns.

tmora said...

Thank you Anita, your books are absolutely amazing!!!! I have every book you have written even the out of prints :) A Merry Little Christmas was a hard one to find, but I found it. I live over in Sandy, Utah and I would love the opportunity to meet you some day and have all thesse amazing books autographed :) My favorite story changes because everyone of them are great but I would say right now.... My favorite is the Jackson and Chas or Jason Wolfe or the Gables..... oh my nevermind... they are all great :)
Thank you again for sharing your amazing talent!!!!

Kimberly said...

I've always wanted to write Anita a letter but have always been worried that she would never actually get it, so I'm going to write it on here hoping that she'll see it!

I too have every single one of your books Anita (although I have been unable to get a hold of the two Christmas short stories) and have read all of them over and over and over again! My favorites will always be the ones involving Michael and Emily Hamilton, although I love every book you write. Thank you for the entertainment and enlightenment you provide. I am a romantic through and through and I appreciate that you don't write "fluff" or "trashy" romance novels. Your books are in a league of their own and are able to tackle real and serious issues while always having a happily (for)ever after! This may sound crazy but your books are a big part of what helped shape my ideas of what communication, love, intimacy and marriage are really all about. Growing up my parents marriage did not set the greatest example for me. I started your books at age 14 and (besides the gospel) your characters and books were the biggest help in teaching me what kind of man I was looking for, the type of person I wanted to be, and how I wanted my marriage to be and the things I needed to do to make it work. I'm married now with four children and I still get as giddy as I did back then when another of your books come out. THANK YOU!

Romance Queen said...

Thank you, ladies, for your kind comments, and for sharing your feelings about the books. It means a lot to me and keeps me going! Keep reading and God bless! Anita

Aleshia said...

Love them all - wondering if and when they will be available on ebooks. Would love to have them on my nook as well as the paperbacks so that they are always with me. Thanks for the great reads you provide!

Dina Love said...

I love my NOOK :)

A lot of the books are availabe now in ebook format. Check

AND check back on the blog often or sign up for email notifications because we are going to have an amazing give away soon.

Anonymous said...

I "read" a lot of audiobooks. I was wondering if the older books that were on cassette tape will ever be re-released on CD.

Tina said...

Hey Anita, I'm doing a book report on Timeless Waltz. I loved that book! I found that book through one of my friend. One of the greatest books I have ever read! For my book report I have to write a biography about you. I've looked for thing and they don't say much about you. I really wish to know more. My book report is due March 8. I was planning on doing a power point so here is a link ( to my blog I'll have some question and if you could answer them but only if you want that would mean a lot to me. Thank you for taking the time to read this long comment. And I totally understand if you don't have time. I know you are busy but if you could again it would mean a lot to me. Thanks, Love Tina

Romance Queen said...

Tina, I wish I had the time to help you out but I'm swamped in overdue deadlines and haven't been feeling well (both are typical). You can try googling my name; I know there are old newspaper articles that might have some information. Also, in the book "Women of Character" by Susan Easton Black and Mary Jane Woodger, there is some history on me. I wish I could help more. Hope your project goes well! I'm so flattered!! God bless, Anita

J Monroe said...

I have just been introduced to Anita Stansfield's books, what an "out of the box experience" for me. All of the LDS Historical Fiction that I have read has to be bought in hardback. got a Kindle, as I had to return a birthday present, held onto the money for a month, had gotten my husband a kindle for Christmas, and was jealous because he always had his nose in it, spent the money on a kindle. First book I read was "Passage on the Titanic" loved it. Then the "Shadows of Brielery" am on volume #3 and cannot put it down. Have bought three more books tonight. I am happy that the stories that Anita writes are clean and always have the church in them. I am a huge church history fan and love to be able to put myself into the time period of the story for a time and get away from the world for the way it is today. Traveling back and forth to school fours years ago, I listened to the "Dance" stories. I was so excited to get into the car and just listen, I had gotten my mother the CD's because her eyesight was bad. Thanks to her I am now a fan. I just got back from visiting my parents in California a couple of hours ago, my mother is now considering a kindle. She goes and visits my dad (a former bishop) everyday and thought that it would be easy for her to carry and pass the time that my dad is sleeping or someplace else. It has been a hard six months with what is going on with my dad, when yur parents get older,he is a great man and will continue to be in the next life. I just feel for my mom, she is ever faithful and will continue to be. She does so enjoy the escape from everyday life as do I do just put yourself into one of these stories.
J Monroe

Baylee said...

Anita, I love your books. Im only 12, but I understand more about life when I read them. My favorites are the Trevor Family Saga, but to be honest I've only read the first 2 books. :( But they were amazing. I really want to read the last 3, but I cant find them anywhere.

Pixie said...

I miss the old blog. I am re-reading Timeless Waltz, and I wanted to read the background stuff that was posted on the old blog, but its gone! Can I find background stuff anywhere else?

Anonymous said...

Hi Anita
First thank you for the email you sent about The Buchanan series coming out on Kindle. I have been waiting ever so patiently for them. I have even written you letters asking WHEN WHEN WHEN!

So I just bought book 2, 3, +4, and will download book 1 on Saturday. Thank you! for giving us this lovely freebie.

Now to other things...
I have to find all four books--I know they are in the house...they are used used but my question is this: Do you want me to mail them to you and have you do some kind of online contest? Or should I just take them to my Ward library...?

More room in the house!!!

Dina Love said...

Hi Pixie,

Great news for you...we are going to repost the background on the books. You are reading our minds over here. Hold tight while we work on those for you and the rest of Anita's fans!

May Mana said...

hello, i am from the philippines and i came across your book now and forever through a friend who came from the US...i have been trying to find your books here but there are none available..can you send me through snail mail? which ones are available? thanks! i love your books and your style of writing!

Dina Love said...

Hi May Mana, I am so happy you have found the joy of reading Anita's Books. Books can be ordered through as well as other websites, some of which ship outside of the U.S. or they can all be purchased in the Kindle format. I hope this helps you find a way to read more of Anita's amazing books. Take Care.

Karsa_Writer said...

Anita, I really want to thank you. I have been a fan since I was 12 and I just returned from a mission. On my mission I was so grateful for some of the lessons that you taught about the Atonement in your books. I even used somethings that you'd written to help people understand principles. It made a real difference. Thank you for being a writer that writes by the power of the Spirit.

Pixie said...

I would LOVE to see a crossover book, like Jayson and Elizabeth going to stay at the Dickensian Inn. We kind of had that in the earlier books with Sean O'hara in many of them.

lynette said...

Dear Anita - Oh, how do I thank you? My very best friend passed away and her daughter asked if I wanted her Jason Wolfe series? I didn't know anything about them or you as an author of LDS books. Thank goodness I said yes, and now want to share with you my feelings after reading 4 books. I cried and cried so many times as the Spirit touched my soul when reading them. A lot of the experiences shared in those 4 books have been shared in my life too. I am LDS, a 34 yr. convert and I have to say that the most genuine feeling I got from your books is the power of prayer. Thank you so much for that testimony builder as I deepen my love for the Savior! Now, I see there is a 5th novel and I have to go get it. Bless you Sister Stansfield!

Anonymous said...

I miss your LDS novels. I still have a crush on Jayson Wolfe.

Romance Queen said...

Dear Anonymous,

I still have a crush on him too. I have to reread them somewhat regularly, when there are some of my books I've never reread once they were published. For now my publisher is asking me to only do historical, English, general Christian stories, since it's helping them reach out to a wider Christian audience. At least we have the old ones we can read again. Thanks for your comment! A