Saturday, January 5, 2013

It's A New Year

So, it's a new year! Hard to believe! I hope you all had good holidays! Now that the busyness of the holidays is settling down, I wanted to remind you all about my new book that's available as an e-book. You can get it for both Kindle and Nook:

The Captain's Rose
Captain's Rose Nook

I am still being frequently asked when or if this book is going to be available as a printed book, so let me repeat here the answer to that question, which is that I don’t know at this point. This method of e-books is making it possible for me to offer the book to my readers, as opposed to it not being available at all; putting a book in print is hugely expensive, but I’m sure hoping it will happen eventually.

On a more personal note, due to my ongoing health issues I have been unable to write and I'm very much hoping that being able to sell my unpublished books this way will provide some much-needed income. Anything you can do to spread the word about this series would be very much appreciated! It is my greatest hope---as it has always been---that my stories can get out into the world and make a positive difference by competing with all the icky stuff that's out there. I'm hoping my devoted readers and fans will help make that happen!
 "The Captain's Rose" is the fifth volume in the BUCHANAN SAGA, but it still stands completely on its own. However, it is better when read after its four prequels. For those who have not read the previous books in this series, or you want them in electronic format, they are still available at a sale price. Click here Buchanan Saga to get those now!

If you DON’T OWN A BOOK-READING DEVICE it’s not a problem! You can download a FREE
Amazon App and read the books on your computer.

Thank you, as always, for loving my books and characters almost as much as I do, and for your ongoing prayers and support!

God bless, Anita


Rhonda Miller said...

I can't wait to read this. It's at the top of my list.

Liz Odle said...

I loved the book. It was incredibly enjoyable. I have 2 questions. Now that you are publishing books via ebook will you finally publish the Hortsberg saga books? Also I was wondering how many more Buchanan Saga books are to come. I've really enjoyed them, almost as much as the Gables group.

Barbara Urry said...

Hi Anita,

Hey, I just entered a contest on Facebook. It's supposedly from your FB wall. What I was wondering is if this is really your Facebook this is legit. Do you have a Facebook Page? I just don't want to be scammed if you know what I mean?

I also wanted to let you know that I absolutely LOVE your books! My husband isn't a huge fan, because I spend hours reading....I love, love, love them!!! Thanks for being so AWESOME!

Anonymous said...

Anita, God Bless You! Thank you so much for making the Captain's Rose available on e-book. It is an awesome story, one I could not put down, although I really do like the book form. I got a Kindle just to get your book, which I now have the whole Buchanan Saga on it. I look forward to your next book and pray for your continued health improvement.

Laura said...

When will this be in BOOK form? All I can find is Nook version ... I want a book! :)

Unknown said...
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