Monday, January 23, 2012

I'm Going to Write a Book!

Guess What? I'm Going to Write a Book!

I wanted to let all of you know that I am officially going to start writing a new novel today. I just finished revisions on the novel that precedes it, and now that book is in the hands of my editor who will polish it up and apply all the rules of grammar and punctuation that she knows much better than I do. This is a new series I’m working on, but I’m not going to tell you anything specific at this point. When we get closer to the first book being released, I’ll start sharing a little bit about the characters and the premise for this story. For now, I just want to share the actual writing journey.

I’ve never done this before, but I’m going to start sharing my daily word counts with you. I’ll be doing that via Twitter, which means that Dina won’t be required to keep posting the updates. I’m new at Tweeting, but Dina’s encouragement got me started and I’m finding it a great way of giving my readers a tiny glimpse into my little life.

So, here’s the deal. I am currently writing four books a year; that’s one every three months. Crazy, eh? I will readily admit that I could not do this without divine intervention. Without a Source of Inspiration that I have no control over, I would never be able to be so prolific. I’ve had lots of practice in processing the information I receive quickly and efficiently, but it still requires prayer, focus, discipline, hard work, and great inspiration. I’ve been somewhat behind since my year of surgeries set everything back, therefore, I’m slow getting started on this book, which is actually due the end of February. It’s Leap Year, so I have an extra day, and the publisher will give me a little bit of leeway, but not too much. If I want my income to remain steady (and I really need that) I have to meet the deadline.

If you’re going to follow my daily updates (which will run on the sidebar of this blog, but you can go to and sign up to follow my tweets via email or your cell phone) there’s a couple of things you need to know about my methods. First of all, I never write on Sundays, and I won’t be Tweeting on Sundays either. The other six days of the week I will be doing some amount of writing. Some days I get huge waves of inspiration, the words flow, and the word count can be miraculous! Other days it’s like trudging through mud and there are little to no words. I always keep track of my word count, but now I’m going to share it and I hope you enjoy the journey with me. I will also post a brief thought associated with the reason for high or low counts that particular day.

One more thing. The average length of these novels is 90,000 words. We work in word counts, not page numbers, although that’s approximately 300 manuscript pages, double-spaced. I can go a little below that, or sometimes I go more, depending on how the story works out. So, enough talking! It’s time to get writing. I’d love to hear your comments along the way. Be my cheerleaders and let’s get going!



Christine said...

Oh Anita!!! This is so exciting! I am so glad you have decided to share some of the processing with us! I have always wanted to write, but I have never gathered enough courage to overcome the voice that says I can't. You are truly an inspiration. I just finished First Love and Forever. I am sold! Love it! I am hungry for more, but first I have a goal to finish the Book of Mormon with the same passion that I read First Love and Forever...then I am on to Second Chances...can't wait!

Lena Baron said...

Anita, it isn't unusual for me to find myself pondering your talent as I try to fall asleep at night. I am just finishing up The Gable Faces East (with Dina) and this second time around I have pondered deeply about how your writing journey must be incredibly spiritual. I am so looking forward to following you on your writing journey. I feel that it will be an answer to my unspoken prayers. Your novels inspire me daily. But right now I find myself wondering about the writer behind the story and how you keep yourself so in tune to the spirit that you are able to apply your talents with such fluency. Thank you for inviting us into your world Anita. I look forward to the journey!

Rhonda Miller said...

What a great way to share some of your creativity with us. I'm excited to sign up to follow. I've been going back over the past couple of months and re-reading all you books. It's so fun to reconnect with the characters after having not read some of them for a while. I'm loving it.

Jill said...

OOOHHH I am so excited about another series!! I don't do the whole twitter thing very often, but I will make sure to follow you and keep up on the info!! This will be lots of fun!!

Misty De La Rosa said...

I am thrilled to hear you are writing another book. I love your books and look forward to each book as it comes out.
You are an amazing author. I love how your books help me in my life. I learn so much from them.
I have almost all your books. I love how they bring in the gospel message. I enjoy each one .
Thanks for your amazing talent.
I am anxiously waiting for Titanic to come out.

Julie H said...

I am so excited about your new novel! I have 3 shelves on my bookcase exclusively yours! Your book have lifted and inspired me over many years. Thank you for persevering in spite of the twists and turns of life! You are an inspiration to me!

Lolene said...

I am heading out to Deseret Book to get the Titanic book. I am so excited to read it. And I'm really excited that you are starting another series. I've read all of your books and love them. Thank you for your hard work and inspiration to entertain and teach those of us who love to read.