Sunday, January 22, 2012

Take Some Christmas With You

Anita has an article posted
in the Deseret News titled,
"Take Some Christmas With You"
Click the picture to read her article.

It's a great article!!!

Once you've read it, come back and tell us what you think. We LOVE hearing from you!


Tami said...

Very good- thought provoking! I hope to keep Christmas through the year. Thanks!

Rhonda Miller said...

Wow, very good. I have had this topic on my mind since taking down most of my Christmas decorations. I'm trying to teach this to my kids. Thanks for sharing the link to the article.

Lena Baron said...

I pondered this exact subject while putting away my Christmas decorations this year. I think it comes up every year. I've pondered the idea of leaving the Christmas tree up throughout the year and adding different decorations to it throughout the year that remind me of Christ like Love. Perhaps I will when the size of my house allows... Until then, it just struck me!... My Answer!:) I always set the goal to read A Christmas Carol during the Christmas season as well as a few other classics. But I never seem to have enough time in the one month of "Christmas" to get them all read. I'm going to read them All Through the Year! Thanks Anita for the inspiration that you share. I look forward to my YEAR of Christmas... now to pull those books back out of the box... :)

KATHLEEN said...

I love the article, thanks for the reminder that WE should keep Christmas in our lives all though the Year.

Marla said...

Great article! Hope you let us know when your next one is published.