Monday, July 28, 2014

      My dear most devoted fans!

I apologize for the way the blog has been so dormant. I know you 
probably all must get tired of hearing about my health issues, but 
that's the reality of my life, and I have been down in bed a great deal. 
Therefore, if anything besides laundry and cooking gets done around here 
it's a miracle. My sweet daughter, Anna, who helps me take care of this 
blog (because I am so not computer savvy) was diagnosed with the same 
disease I have (Celiac Disease, if you didn't already know) so she's 
been adjusting to that and not feeling well herself. Her brother and two 
of my grandsons have also been diagnosed. For them, the disease was 
caught much earlier than for me, so they should be just fine given the 
right treatments and some time. For me, it went undiagnosed for so long 
that it did a lot of damage that is now tormenting me. 
    Okay, enough 
whining. But that's why both me and Anna are so unmotivated. 
    However, we 
are still here, and there are some good things coming. Eventually we 
will get all of the book histories posted here---I promise! In the 
meantime, there is a complete booklist so you can keep track of the 
books you've read. Some are no longer available in print form, unless 
you can find them used. But they should all be available as e-books. 
     The good news is that volume three of the Horstberg Saga will be out 
before the end of August. I wrote it years ago but it needed extensive 
revisions and editing. We are now almost finished with that process, 
Anna has completed the artwork for the cover, and we are good to go. I 
thought it might be fun to give you a little excerpt from the book in 
the meantime. So click on the book excerpt tab at the top of the blog 
home page, and there it is. I'd love to hear comments if you have any! 
      Take care, enjoy the remainder of your summer, and God bless always, Anita


Anonymous said...

Anita God Bless You for always trying so hard to find the energy to write when your own life is in such shape!

I'm sorry Celiac has been so brutal on you. But the good news on that front is I've noticed more and more producers are not just giving up wheat, they are labeling things too. Oh you may find that it was still made in the regular factory but there was a time that we weren't even given that much info. Others are getting heavily involved. Their products aren't just safe, the line that assembled your product is certified grain free.

I'm looking forward to book 3.

I hope you have a lovely summer and are able to get out and enjoy some sunshine.

Angela said...

Dear Anita and Family,
I'm sorry a black cloud of depression has settled over your family. The cure for that at my house is to read, or re-read your books. Your stories have helped keep my depression at bay.

My husband has 3 auto-immune issues. These were diagnosed after reading about the trials in one of your books. This helped us have a real conversation with our doctor. We are now getting correct medical help.

Thank you for participating in our healing both mentally and physically.