Saturday, May 31, 2014

Book Updates And News

I hope you are all doing well and ready for summer. I have been mostly 
shut away since the holidays, dealing with my ongoing struggles, and 
doing extensive revisions on Volume Three of THE HORSTBERG SAGA. The 
book was originally written over twenty years ago (as all of the volumes 
were) but the first two had already been through the revision process 
multiple times, while this one—and the one after it—had just been 
collecting dust. I must say I was alarmingly stunned with what a 
terrible writer I had been. The story was good, but the writing was full 
of problems. Now the story is better and it can be read without 
offending your intelligence as a reader. Volume Three, FOR LOVE AND 
COUNTRY, is now off to the publisher and is going through the editing 
process, and the cover art is underway. As soon as I have a release 
date, I will send out an email and let you know. I am now working on 
Volume Four, and there is a Volume Five coming after that—titles on 
those are still pending, but the books are written. If you’ve not yet 
had the time or taken the opportunity to read volumes one and two of THE 
HORSTBERG SAGA, I hope you will do so. And please spread the word; the 
majority of my established readers still apparently don’t know it’s out 

Horstberg I - Behind the Mask 

Horstberg II - A Matter of Honor 

 While I was lost in Horstberg for months, I completely overlooked 
letting you know that I had written a NOVELLA that was released in the 
spring, in a book along with novellas by two other authors. A RAVEN’S 
HEART is a historical story with no LDS content, longer than a short 
story and shorter than a novel. The book is called “Love Unexpected: 
With All My Heart.” I hope you will enjoy it. 

 A Raven's Heart Novella  

 One more thing I want to mention—for those of you who live in the Utah 
Valley Area—is an amazing charity event being held on June 7th that will 
reader of my work, you know I’ve written a great deal about abuse and 
its related challenges. This is an amazing opportunity to help those who 
are victims. Here is a link to the website with information about the 
great activity on Saturday, and also on ways you can make donations even 
if you are unable to attend.

Charity Event <>

I hope you all have a wonderful summer and that you feel God’s blessings 
in your life, as I do.

 Keep reading and have much joy! Anita


Liz Odle said...

I can't wait for the new book to come out. I'm also excited to tell you that we are going to read Behind the Mask for our book club group. This is really something considering we live in the middle of nowhere Nebraska and only half of our group is LDS. Can't wait to share it with everyone out here.

Pixie said...

Still patiently waiting for the book histories.

Cynthia said...

Just wondering if the new book "Behind the Mask" will be coming out on CD? I don't have much time to read, so as I travel, I listen to all your books!!

Anna said...

Hi Cynthia!
The plan is to eventually put the books out on CD. However, the publishing company is very new, and it's ultimately up to them, not Anita. So it could be some time before that happens.

Hi Pixie!
We'll get them up as soon as we possibly can! As addressed in the latest post things have been pretty up and down for both me and Anita, aka my mother. Thanks for your patience!!