Friday, February 28, 2014

Starting Over . . . Again

For you loyal followers of this very sluggish blog, I am happy to 
announce that it's about to get a new boost and it will become more 
active once again. Dina, who helped me with the blog for quite a while, 
became extremely busy with her own life, and I have been continuing with 
the same health challenges and not able to do much about it. Then it 
occurred to my generally foggy brain that I have an excellent blogger 
living right under my roof. Actually, it was the excellent blogger who 
pointed this out, so I must give her the credit. Anyway, the blog will 
now be officially navigated by my lovely and talented daughter, Anna. 
She is a brilliant artist, an aspiring novelist, and one of my best 
friends. And since she lives down the hall from me, she is always more 
up to date on the happenings with my life---and my writing---than anyone 
else in the world. There is more information about her if you click on 
the mask icon on the left side of this blog (yes, she is responsible for 
the cover art) and I strongly recommend that you check out her art and 
photography blogs. She makes a mother proud. So, feel free to comment or 
ask her questions, and together we will do our best to keep the blog 
more active and keep you up to date.

Love you all and God bless, Anita


John and Jan Sherman said...

Please, let us see Anna's work in your future books. Wife and I are half way through the Mask and our mind's eyes are borrowing from our experience in Bavaria for the visuals.

Pixie said...

Yes! Please add more of the back histories of the books that were posted way back on the old blog.

Anna said...

We will get those up as soon as possible, Pixie! It's on the list of things to do.