Saturday, March 1, 2014

A Matter Of Honor


I am deliriously happy to announce the release of A MATTER OF HONOR, Volume two of The Horstberg Saga. It is available in print form (only through Amazon) or for Kindle or Nook.

Here are the links:

A Matter of Honor Print Version

A Matter of Honor Kindle Version

A Matter of Honor Nook Version

I hope you enjoy these books, and if you do you'll take the time to go to and do a review. Also, please help spread the word about these books. Since they are not available through the usual retail outlets, the majority of my readers are still unaware of them. Remember that the Horstberg Saga (volume one is Behind the Mask) is written under the pseudonym Elizabeth D. Michaels. But it's still me!

I also want to tell you about a new book by Rachel Branton (also known as Rachel Ann Nunes). She has been an amazing support to me through these challenging years, and in making it possible for these books of mine to be available to the public. She's an amazing writer and her books are always guaranteed to be enjoyable. Here are the links for her latest release:

New Rachel Branton Novel Print Version

New Rachel Branton Novel Kindle Version

The only other news I have to share right now is that my lovely and talented daughter, Anna, has taken over running my blog, so it will no longer be mostly dormant.

Anna is a brilliant freelance artist and an aspiring novelist. From my blog you can link to her own blogs where you can see her amazing artwork and photography. She makes a mother proud!

I hope that you are all doing well, and that you are enjoying the opportunity to finally "go to Horstberg." Fictional though it may be, it's one of my favorite places in all the world!

God bless! Anita


Anonymous said...

Why the pseudonym when both names are on the cover of the book?

Anna said...

To answer your question anon, I'll quote my Mom, (Anita!)
"Pseudonyms are commonly used among authors to distinguish between different categories of writing, or different genres. Even though I already have books in print that have no LDS content, from now on I will do all books that are not for an LDS audience under this name."

Christine Hamilton said...

Hi Anita~ I've read ALL your books and bought most of them until my eyesight sent me to 'Kindle'... oh how I love to read them when my health problems or insomnia plague me!!! I'm the 'old lady' that wrote you the poem and live in Logan. I can't wait for Horstberg Sage book 4 to come out! Keep up the good work... you're an AMAZING PERSON & WRITER :)!! Christine Hamilton
P.S. Love the Dickensian series!!

Christine Hamilton said...

Additional comment... I now have purchased all but one of your books and have all of them on my Kindle! Christine