Monday, July 23, 2012

Free Printable Quote

If you guessed
"First Love and Forever"
you were correct!!!
Feel free to download any or all
5x7 Full Resolution prints.

 Just click the print you love and download it.
 For your convenience, I also uploaded
them below so you can see them bigger!



Crafty Mommy Diva said...

Woohoo! I was right =) It was the first book I read of hers that got me hooked to all of her books =)
Thanks for the printables.

Dina Love said...

You are so welcome!!! I am lovin' the bright yellow print. Enjoy!

Pixie said...

I've been scanning my book, can't find the quote, what chapter is it in? Thanks.

Dina Love said...

OK so, I relied on the information from another reader about this quote. I don't know the chapter or page but if you aren't finding it then maybe the reader was incorrect. I apologize about the miss information. From now on, I will only do a fun quote quiz if either I have found one or Christine has found one. I am SUPER SORRY for the confusion.