Thursday, March 29, 2012

An Update From Anita...

The last several weeks have gone by in kind of a blur for me, and finally today I came up for air enough to think that it would be a good idea to let you all know what's been going on.

Since I posted several weeks ago that I was going to write a book and "tweet" each day about my progress and word counts, life took one of those unexpected turns and this project has taken a completely different turn than any project ever has in my life.  As many of you know, I had six surgeries in a year, following many years of poor health, and I've been looking forward to recovering and feeling better after getting all of that behind me. Alas, I was hit with an infection that has apparently been brewing inside of me for quite some time, but it hit the surface hard during the holidays and has been very menacing since then.  I don't tell you all of that to get your pity or sympathy, but only as an explanation for the fact that my grand idea of sharing a writing journey with all of you didn't go as planned. I am doing everything I possibly can---balancing both medical and natural remedies---to combat this infection, and I feel confident that with time I will be fine.  No worries there. The infection, combined with everything else that preceded it, however, have really set me back physically, and my ability to write hard and fast just isn't with me at the moment. Some of my symptoms are extreme fatigue and a foggy brain. Not compatible with creativity. The book that was due the end of February is not even half done, and I'm not sure when I'll be able to finish it. When I do, I'll let you know.

In the meantime, life goes on, my editors are very kind and compassionate, I feel very blessed and I'm able to do the things that HAVE to be done. Emotionally and spiritually I'm doing great, and I have so much to be grateful for.

Anyway, that's the news from my house. Hope you are all doing well!



Lena Baron said...

Praying for you Anita! I hope you regain your health and strength soon! Take Care!

Rhonda Miller said...

Praying for a quick and full recovery. Take care of yourself.

Anonymous said...


You inspire me! I was not aware of your struggles until recently when I found your web site. May you be blessed with the strength and abilities to continue on the road to better health. I will keep you in my prayers.

I also just want to share with you, as I finished the last volume of the Barrington Family Saga...Promise of Zion, my appreciation for your talents as a storyteller. What a wonderful and spiritually up-lifting story. I have read most of your books and each has touched my heart, but I have to say that the Barrington family touched my heart, my soul and every fiber of my being more than any story I have read so far. There were many times that I just couldn't (or had a hard time) put this story down.

After I finish each series of stories, I think it can't get any better, but you never cease to amaze me. Thank you for sharing the adventures and struggles of the Barrington Family as well as all the other stories. You will never truly know how deeply they touch me. I felt that the very least I can do is to take a minute and express my appreciation and share with you how much your stories have brighten and inspired my life.

My God bless you with strength and health and a miracle of complete healing.

Jane Countryman

Amy said...

It was wonderful to meet you last Saturday and have you sign a couple of your books for me!! At the time, I could not think of what I could say to you to convey the powerful effect your writing has had on my life. (I was a bit awestruck and speechless!)

Your stories are not only touching, but real, true portrayals of what truly goes on in life, the reality of our emotions as human beings. I must also point out that I have also been impressed with your strong, fluent writing style. It is so nice to read such great stories, written by one who hones such a respect for and knowledge of writing in general!

I always eagerly await your new releases,(have been an avid fan since the first few came out!) and I have been amazed and inspired by your ability to continue sharing your great talent with us despite experiencing some of the greatest trials of your life. Your dedication and perseverance are so admirable.

Above all, thank you for sharing your God given gift with all of us. May you continue to be blessed amidst your trials and come out smiling!

Amy London

(P.S. I was with my mother on Saturday who told you she has learned more about the Atonement from you than anywhere/one else!)