Monday, February 13, 2012

Win a Kindle Fire!

Win a Kindle Fire from Covenant Communications!!!

Share the below Book Trailer link on YOUR Facebook page.


THEN comment on Covenant Comm's Facebook post for this give away.

Covenant Comm

To be entered TWICE, post the Book Trailer on YOUR blog 

Then post the link to your blog on Covenant Comm's Facebook post for this contest.

Covenant Comm will Annouce the winner on March 15th!

Note: No comments on this post will be entered in the contest.  You must comment on Covenant Comm's Facebook post.


Jolynn McCormick said...

This looks like a wonderful read as always...

Anonymous said...

Not a wonderful read, but a fabulous read. I receive mine by mail on Wednesday and finished it on Sunday.

Nicolle said...

Is it going to be announced on the this blog? or do we have to go somewhere else to find out who won?

The Mudmom said...

It will be announced on Covenant Comm's Facebook page and If I see the winner's name, I will announce it here too :)

Peetiedy said...

I really enjoyed this book.