Monday, February 6, 2012

Are You Reading "Passage on the Titanic"?

"Tender, compelling,
and haunting!"
~Dina Love

This love story transcends one of the most horrific events in the world’s history. Although, we all know what the outcome was, in regard to the Titanic, you will have a new view of the raw emotions that were experienced by its survivors.

Anita Stansfield demonstrates her gift for storytelling in “Passage on the Titanic”. She allows us to fall in love with Irene and Ella; Two friends brought together by a higher power. She weaves a story of heartache and loss and then brings us full circle to healing and living the life we’re meant to live.

I love the lesson of learning to listen to the promptings of the Spirit. It resonates continually throughout this book and it allowed me to see beyond the normal examples of daily life.

And YES! There is a romance in store for Ella so hold on tight and get ready to be sucked in to the world of “Passage on the Titanic”.


Rhonda Miller said...

I got my copy last week. I'm going to start reading it in the morning. Yay.

Sharon's Thoughts said...

I finished Passage on the Titanic Saturday. I could not put it down. Thanks for another outstanding book.

Unknown said...

I read the book in 1 day!! I couldn't put it down. It was a great book. Thanks once again for sharing your talent with us!

Dina Love said...

I couldn't put it down either...HooRay for Anita :)