Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Horstberg Volume Five

For those of you who did not have the date on the calendar, counting the hours, and watching your favorite e-book vendor closely . . . (Come on, admit it. Some of you have been doing that. "My name is Anita and I am a bookaholic.") Volume Five of The Horstberg Saga---Through Castle Windows---is now up and running and available for purchase. 

This is a pretty big milestone for me and I have many thoughts and feelings, which I will probably write about in my next blog entry, so watch for that. 

As for now . . . drumroll . . . here are the links to purchase the books in all formats.

Special note in regard to the PRINT version: The publisher worked hard and often in the middle of the night to get this book out as promised, but there were some glitches at the other end in regard to the print version that were out of her control. She is working hard to get it straightened out and it should be available for purchase very soon if it's not already. If you have difficulty being able to purchase the print version, just be patient. She's doing everything she can as fast as she can. Promise!

Through Castle Windows Kindle

Through Castle Windows iTunes

Through Castle Windows Nook

Through Castle Windows Kobo

Through Castle Windows Google

Through Castle Windows Print

So, this concludes the five-book saga. This book has some difficult moments in the challenges the characters face, but the story is very close to my heart. I hope you will love the journey---and the outcome---as much as I do!

Keep reading and God bless, Anita

Anita Stansfield aka Elizabeth D. Michaels (All of Anita Stansfield's books, and The Horstberg Saga by Elizabeth D. Michaels, are available at amazon.com)


Baby Sister said...

Hooray!! I'm so excited!! And I love the cover! Beautiful!!

Pixie said...

I'm sorry, I really tried but I just couldn't get into the Horstberg saga. I almost exclusively "read" audio books now. I hope to read these on audio someday. God bless.