Thursday, May 21, 2015

Anita's Book Notes

I want to draw your attention to the new tab at the top of the blog 
which will take you to my book notes. Some of these were posted on the 
blog years ago, but this is a complete list except for the new Horstberg 
Saga. I simply wrote a little about my experiences, feelings, thoughts, 
inspiration, etc from the writing of each book and short story. I hope 
you'll enjoy them! But . . . as it says at the top of the list, it comes 
with a big spoiler alert. Please don't read the notes for any particular 
story until after you've read it. I want you to enjoy the experience.

I'm working on another blog post of my somewhat crazy perspective of 
life. Watch for that to be posted here soon.

God bless, Anita

Anita Stansfield aka Elizabeth D. Michaels (All of Anita Stansfield's books, and The Horstberg Saga by Elizabeth D. Michaels, are available at

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Karen said...

Thanks for sharing these again. I enjoyed learning the back stories when you originally shared before and can't wait to read about them again.