Thursday, October 25, 2012

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

I had the wonderful privilege of speaking at a local breast cancer support group last week. The group is sponsored by the surgeon who helped me through my own breast cancer experience, and I am grateful I had such a great doctor who cares about what's really important. I also had the opportunity to meet his wife who is greatly involved in this project, and she is also a remarkable person. Here is a link to their blog with pictures of the event,

I thought it would be fun to share, especially since it's breast cancer awareness month, and I'm officially challenging all of you to get your mammograms if they are overdue. It saved my life! Therefore I am still here to write stories, once I get this writer's block to clear up. Anyway, I had some friends show up at the meeting and they are in some of the pictures with me. I want to specifically mention the beautiful woman wearing the scarf. I met her last spring through means that are obviously miraculous, and I feel privileged to have gotten to know her and her mother and sister. Her faith and determination through her struggle with cancer has inspired and strengthened me in my own trials. I'm grateful for the way God orchestrates miracles and opportunities into our lives if we are paying attention. I hope you are all having a lovely October, and that you will find joy somewhere in your day. God bless!


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Rhonda Miller said...

That looks like a great event. Thank you for sharing.