Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Welcome to Anita Stansfield’s new blog.  We are thrilled with what 2012 has to offer and look forward to getting to know you as you get to know Anita.  My name is Dina Love and I will be your eyes, ears and heart to all things Anita.

How about a little Blog Tour!!

We would like to call your attention to the sidebars on both the left and the right.  They hold many important links to help you participate in this blog.

On the LEFT sidebar, you will see which book is coming soon so you can save your pennies.  Below that I will have direct links to purchase Anita’s most recent books.  You will also have direct links to your favorite book seller to purchase new, older books and out-of-print books. 

On the RIGHT sidebar, you will see where you can follow this NEW BLOG!  Make sure you click and follow so you don’t miss out on anything.

Below that, you will see a Grab and Link button.  We love how this button turned out and our hope is you will love it enough to want it on YOUR blog.  It will allow you to have an extra entry in the giveaways too so, LINK AWAY!!!

We have provided direct links to Anita’s Facebook Fan page and her Twitter Page. Please, TWEET ANITA!  She's new to Twitter and would love your tweets.

I will be posting a “Passage on the Titanic”giveaway soon so make sure you don’t miss out on a signed copy of Anita’s new book due out within the next couple weeks. I just finished reading it and you are not going to want to miss out on the chance to win this book. Trust Me!

You’ll notice there’s a new feature on this blog.  It’s over there to the right.  Do you see the picture of Charles Dickens?  If you click on the picture, it will magically transport you to a new blog where “Anita Talks Dickens”.  Anita has amazing knowledge and insight about Charles Dickens and we are privileged to sit at her feet and be taught all things Dickens!

We hope you Enjoy the Journey with us!

Anita Stansfield & Dina Love


Lisa said...

YAY!!!! I am SO excited. I love Anita and know that she is divinely guided in all of her works.
I love books/movies dealing with Titanic. Crazy to think that come April it will have been 100 years.

Anonymous said...

I don't see the Grab and Link button....just the words Grab and Link and then The Blog under it.

Dina Love said...

Oh no! I'm sorry it's not showing the code. I see it on my screen and just had a couple others look and they can see it too. I'm wondering how we can fix that for you. Is anyone else experience this?

Kimberly said...

I have every single one of Anita's books (except for the short Christmas story) and I have read all of them multiple times. I can't wait to find out how to try and win her newest one!