Tuesday, November 27, 2012

BACK HISTORY: Gables of Legacy, Volume V: The Miracle

Gables of Legacy, Volume V: The Miracle

Featured Song: “Straight Up”
by Paula Abdul

This volume of the series takes a little twist as Jess’s younger sister Emma becomes the main character, but Jess’s place in the story is still very prominent. The family is still struggling to come to terms with Michael’s death, but the story brings on more challenges. Of course, without challenges there would be no plot. Sometimes readers ask me why I don’t write more about these characters. First of all, I haven’t had any inspiration to go beyond the books already in this series, but I also reached a point where I felt like this family had already endured enough and we should let them rest in peace. But who knows what the future will bring?

I loved having Emma serve her mission on Temple Square, and the way that she connects with Scott Ivie because he’d met Jess when he’d been serving his mission in Salt Lake City years earlier. The way that Scott is drawn into the family is tender and illustrates the way that God orchestrates our lives if we’re paying attention to the Spirit and follow Its guidance.

Little bit of trivia: in my mind, I saw Scott as looking very much like Hugh Jackman. Ironically, he is Australian, but in MY story, he’s the American among an Australian family. But he had the right look, so it’s all good.

In regard to my next entry, I didn’t realize at this point that there would be another volume; I thought the story was finished. Later, more inspiration came for the final book.

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