Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Free This SATURDAY!!!

I have an exciting announcement, and because you are my most devoted readers, I want you to know about it first. Many of my books have recently become available as e-books on some of the old out-of-print titles.

Now I'm thrilled to announce that my self-published series, "The Buchanan Saga," is now available on Kindle as well. This is exciting for me, since volumes three and four of that series have been out of print and impossible to get for a long time, and now I can once again share them with my readers.

For those of you who missed this series, it begins during the Revolutionary War, and it's packed with all the things I love to write about: drama, mystery, irony, suspense, intense emotion, and of course, romance!

AND . . . this coming Saturday, May 26th, you can download Volume One, "The Captain of Her Heart" absolutely free!!! Here is the link . . .

Go look it up, but if you wait until Saturday to buy the book, you can get it free! So mark that in your planner or put a reminder on your phone! Feel free to forward this email and spread the word. I'm glad to give away a gazillion free copies this weekend!

ALSO . . . For those of you wishing to kick the summer off with a heart-racing contemporary romantic suspense novel, my dear friend and best-selling author Rachel Ann Nunes is also offering her novel, A Bid For Love as a free Kindle download this Saturday May 26th.

"The Captain of Her Heart" AND "A Bid For Love" —both for free! What a great way to start the summer.

Hope you are all doing well and that you're ready for school to be out. Make sure you've got enough reading material to keep you sane through the summer months!

Thanks for all your devoted support, and for your prayers!


Lena Baron said...

I LOVE This series Anita!!! Some how I was able to find all of the books a few years ago and I have read the series several times. Love It!

Kim Tracy said...

Yay!! Now to get rich enough to buy them all for my kindle....that way I can save my books. Anita is one of those that it is worth it to have both the ebook and the actually print book. I have all her books, and now I need to work on getting her books for my kindle.