Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A Dickens Give Away


As you may, or may not have discovered, Anita has a blog dedicated to Charles Dickens.  There's a fast, easy link over on the right sidebar of this blog.  All you have to do is click the picture of Charles Dickens and it will take you right to her seperate, dedicated blog "Anita Talks Dickens".

So, to get the buzz out there, Anita would like to give away an AUTOGRAPHED Copy of the first book in the Dickens Inn Series, "The Best of Times".

Here are the 5 ways you can enter to win...

Post a comment on THIS post if you have read "The Best of Times" and why you love it. And if you haven't read it, share why you'd love to read it.
Comment on Anita's new post "Champion of the People" at "Anita Talks Dickens" blog and then come back and let us know in this comment box what you said.
Become a follower on "Anita Talks Dickens" blog and comment on THIS post that you are following.
Grab and Link this blog's button (found in the right sidebar) to your personal blog.
Have a friend follow this blog and let us know who that person is so we can find them in the "followers" list. Make sure they don't do it as annonymous.

The give away entries close on Thursday, January 19th, 2012 at midnight (mountain standard time).  All entries are randomly chosen and are subject to verification that all steps were followed correctly.  If you post a comment and that step wasn't completed you are disqualified and another entry will be randomly chosen.  If the winner does not respond to us via email within 24 hours of the "winner post", we will choose a new winner.  Sorry, but we have to limit this contest to residents of the United States only.


Christine said...

I have just discovered Anita's books and I would love this because I think she has a beautiful way of expressing herself. All my friends rave about her.
californian1998-ordinarymom(at) yahoo (dot) com

The Bandong Family said...

I love Anita's books, everyone is so well written and reaches me and inspires me. I was lucky to get a hold of the books in this series to read. I loved the setting and the characters. for my husband and mine anniversary this year I would love to go to Anaconda and stay in the Bed and Breakfast.

Rhonda Miller said...

I loved this book. I enjoyed the little things I was able to learn about Charles Dickens and the way these two strangers were able to overcome their troubles and come together.

Rhonda Miller said...

I am following Anita Talks Dickens.

Rhonda Miller said...

The button is on my sidebar.

Rhonda Miller said...

Here is what I said about the post "Champion of the People"
"It's so great that he not only wrote about these things, but acted on them. I can see why the people would want to pay their last respects. Thanks for sharing this."

Christine said...

My comment to "Champion of the People"
As I am discovering you Anita...I feel I am growing in a friendship of meeting a new person that you find has a heart much like your own. Thank you for your insights on Dickens. I look forward to reading more. With the heart of a writer, I hope I have the courage some day to do something about it. But regardless of whether I do or not...I hope I will always live with the love I have for people and continue to strive to reach them. You do that powerfully in your writing...and everyone I talk to expresses how deeply your words (and your conviction) touch them. Thank you!

californian1998-ordinarymom (at) yahoo (dot) com

Stephanie said...

I have not read this series yet, but I have been wanting to because I think it is a really cool idea to bring things from Dickens' books into hers!

Stacie Davis said...

This was the first Anita book I read. I fell in love with Anita's style of writing and loved the Dickens theme. Loved the romance and a place to imagine I could go to.
I have read this series three times and have since read all of Anita's books.
Thanks for the fabulous series!

Lisa said...

I have not read this book yet, but I am super excited too because 1. the title just sounds inviting 2. the picture makes me want to cuddle up in front of the fire with my husband drinking hot chocolate and 3. Anita Stansfield wrote it!!

Lisa said...

I officially have her button on my blog. Can be found left bottom corner. :D

Lisa said...

I am following her Anita Talks Dickens blog. COOL!

Lisa said...

I wrote on Champion of the people and said :
I want to be known in this life and after I leave, that I truly 100% cared about people and strived to help them feel LOVED. Everybody needs a friend. Everybody needs to feel loved.
Dickens sounds like a great great man and I am anxious to learn more about him (because sadly, I don't know too much).
Anita, I seriously just love you for all the GOOD that you have done for me, and so many others. I have a testimony (really!) that your work is divine and that you are lead by angels. Your work has helped me understand that Atonement a little better and and the healing process. You make a difference!!

Christine said...

Following Anita Talks Dickens blog as ordinary mom
californian1998-ordinarymom (at) yahoo (dot) com

Craig, Aubrey, and Elizabeth said...

#1: I have read this book, and enjoyed it very much! I love how the book pulls you into the story so easily. It makes me want to go somewhere like this bed and breakfast and just get lost in a good book. :)

Christine said...

Button on my blog: Here is link to verify